Six Strings Guitar Tuition

The Six Strings teaching philosophy centres around a careful balance of the technical, theoretical and musical. As well as encouraging learning through the students exploration and love of their favourite music. 

The desire to create and also re-create great music will inspire anyone to learn an instrument to their best abilities. 

Combined with a balanced but precise approach to playing technique and music theory, help is here for you get the most from your instrument.




  • Hi, my name is Reuben & I've been playing guitar onstage and off for most of, actually all my adult life.  I should probably be a lot better than I am! Ah well.  For the past seven years however, teaching guitar has been my primary focus.  I completed a Bachelor of Music in 2007, and I've been involved in many aspects of the local music industry.  It was out of necessity that I originally began teaching, however unexpectedly I discovered a real passion for helping others enjoy and develop their own musical interests and abilities.  If you would like to know more just get in touch via the form on the contact page, or call and leave a voice message. Thanks - Reuben.