Children's Lessons

Guitar lessons are great fun for kids and teens alike. Music is a part of everyone's life, and remember how especially exciting it was at that age. Learning a musical instrument opens new doors for youngsters and is a great way to stimulate their developing minds. Children as young as 6 are rocking out and loving it.


  • Always encouraging the student to have an active participation in directing the lessons no matter what age.
  • Lesson plans based around music the student likes or knows always helps to engage new beginners.  
  • Lessons materials from a wide variety of sources including original materials and the AMEB syllabus.
  • Covering core theory in simple and practical ways. 
  • Always aiming to maintain a good balance between the technical, theoretical and musical. 


  • All children's lessons are 30mins and are $32.00
  • Group lessons are available. Enquire for pricing. 
  • AMEB syllabus if requested.
  • Blue Card holders.
  • No term payments, pay as you go.
  • Late cancellations incur a fee. 


Send an email, or call to enquire about available lesson times and making a booking.