Adult Guitar Lessons

It’s never too late to pick up a guitar

Six Strings Guitar Tuition offers adult lessons from beginner to advanced, in a range of genres, from the comfort of our air conditioned studios in Stafford, Brisbane. Our experienced tutors balance technique and theory, with a genuine love of music, to get you playing your favourite songs sooner. So, whether you’re a first-timer, gigging professional, or guitar enthusiast looking to unwind after work, Six Strings has you covered.

“Reuben’s genuine interest in seeing people succeed has taken me from not knowing anything to being able to knock out so many of my favourite songs.”

Michael Brkich, adult student

Adult lesson rates

•  Adult lesson rate $55/hour

•  No up front fees - pay as you go*

•  Group lessons available - contact for pricing

We find that 60 min is just the right amount of time for a great balance of technique, theory, some great tunes, and a whole lotta fun. 
* Cancellation fees apply for less than 24 hours notice. 

Personalised lessons

Lesson plans are individually tailored to help you achieve your playing goals at your own pace. This includes learning the songs you want to play and the right technique to get you strumming them sooner. 

All skill levels welcome

Our experienced teachers cater to all skill levels from adults picking up a guitar for the first time, to professional musicians looking to tighten their technique. Music at any level is still music. And it’s awesome!

Range of genres and styles

Our experienced teachers can suggest songs and teach techniques to help you explore and play your favourite genres and styles on the guitar.

Electric and acoustic

Students have the freedom to learn the electric and acoustic guitar. We’ll teach you how to get a great sound from both, and learn some great songs along the way.

Book your guitar lesson

It’s never too late to experience the joy of playing the guitar. Get in touch with Reuben to book your lesson with Six Strings Guitar Tuition today.


I went on the search for a guitar teacher that I was comfortable with, related to easily, who understood what I wanted to play and learn, and inspired me by the level of the teacher’s playing expertise. Reuben was guitar teacher number 4! I have been tutored by Reuben for a bit over 3 years now.”

Mark Forbes, adult student